We just flowed with whatever.

My post delivery standard verbiage. Macro lesson 101

Sup chief/moma Hope you had a nice day?  Kindly remember to send the balance for your shirts as soon as possible please.  Your xoxox will be ready by Sunday.  If there are any issues with the xoxox, please let me know asap. I aim to please. #elmavenclothing  Thanks.  00*******3

That movie

… I like to feel like I have a choice in the way things play out in the story of my life.

the elmaven clothing denim culture.

“I can cook up two bricks…watch me cook, throw no looks” jay-z  Thank you to all our loyal customers and supporters. Your goodwill and patronage will help us achieve our dreams at elmaven clothing company.  Contact:  Email: oniyilod@gmail.com WhatsApp: 08067236913 Kindly follow on Instagram and Twitter @elmaven to view the gallery of elmaven denim flex…


…the picture isn’t beautiful yet, but it’s no longer an an eyesore

silver lining

…love me seriously because I’ll be loving you too.


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Early hours of dawn, sun beams tickling the dark draw on, snoring underneath my cot, I like dreaming a lot. As my vibrating phone calls, my splendid slumber drawls…. hearing some knock on my window, I pace away from my pillow….. cursing my cat I glance, through the glass, my…

look what you’ve done?

…Olamide’s influence on me is plenty gan
Sere omo buruku Sere…I’ll do anything for my mummy Sere

ménage à deux

…if you find my banter utterly vapid, try something fun, drink acid.