the day i died

It’s happening again. The same old dreaded signs showing up again. The guilt in my mind convince me that this is karma. My path is set before me as surely as the sun will rise. My lover is still trying to forgive me. Only if you knew that the last time you heard my voice…

that talk

If I went down, I went swinging but I don’t want that kind of life for you. Sunshine, Bambi’s Bambi.

just in

Our father which art in heaven, halowed be thine name. I will share some pictures but i will never understand why you fell for this guy πŸ‘‡ This was fashion anyway you want to see it. πŸ‘† Playtees. First shoot, look shot. Elmavenclothing. Leather mokasines. A lot of friends still think it was at an…


Position: salesperson (10 slots) Who can apply: any intelligent person Remuneration: negotiable Send an email stating your full name, phone number, and your answer to the following questions to INSTRUCTION: Answer question one and any other question in 250 words. 1. How I will close a deal. 2. Sell ice to an Eskimo. 3….

before the battle of the mind

Mum is yet to get a kobo in pension from the fucking government let alone a gratuity and now she’s battling hypoglycemia every other day.


We just flowed with whatever.

My post delivery standard verbiage. Macro lesson 101

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That movie

… I like to feel like I have a choice in the way things play out in the story of my life.

the elmaven clothing denim culture.

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